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Welcome to Profiles and Biographies, a biographical and supplemental information
management firm. We major in facts curation and rating for the purpose of
informing the public about international best practice and contributing to setting
an agenda for a better world. We conduct corporate and biographical assessment
and profiling, content analysis, and other demographic research with a view to
enriching public conversation and opinion.

We also tell the stories of history makers through biographical works. Over the
past 10 years, we have published books on a wide variety of subjects, including
memoirs, biographies, local history, and much else.
We have an array of publications which you may wish to order from us and we
will have them delivered to your door, anywhere in the world.
We also help authors looking for a publisher. We are always interested in
hearing from new authors and are happy to consider new book proposals for
possible publication.
Vision: A world of facts, ratings and story telling
Our mission:  to curate facts about life and tell the story of human achievements
Our specialty:
Who’s Who
Corporate profiles
Short personal stories